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August Schedule

"Yoga awakens the joy of life, and often brings undreamed of energies!"


Gift Certificates are available! Email bethelyoga@gmail.com
or call (203) 730-2400



SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga
with Rebecca from Sat Nam Yoga and Kristen from Candlewood SUP

WHEN: Every Tuesday in July & August from 6:30–7:30pm
WHERE: Candlewood Isle Causeway, Chatterton Marina, 5 Shore Drive,
New Fairfield, CT 06812

This summer season we will be holding Weekly SUP YOGA classes on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. This is your chance to see what it is like to walk on water and experience the peace & tranquility of a Floating Yoga Practice.

Single Session: $50
4 pack: $180 ($45 per class)
8 pack: $320 ($40 per class)

To register and to buy SUP Yoga classes, please click the link below:

For questions, call Kristen at 203-312-7704.

So what's SUP?

The closest you will ever get to walking on water is the amazing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Stand Up Paddling, also known as SUP, is the perfect combination of surfing and traditional canoeing or kayaking.

SUP is a low impact sport that tones & strengthens your core and every muscle in your body.

This unique Yoga experience invites a sense of adventure, laughter, and joy as we set out to explore the beauty in and around us.

*Added Bonus* -- As we close our class and return to the dock nature will be gracing us with the beauty and majesty of a Summer Sunset.

For more info on SUP visit: candlewoodsup.com

Qi Gong & Tai Chi Easy
with Irene Mardal
at Sat Nam Yoga

August 21 & August 28
at 9am & 4pm

$15 per class

Simple moving meditation for health and balance. All are welcome!

Irene Mardal, LMT, Reiki Master, QiGong & Tai Chi Easy, Meditation Instructor, Creating Balance Workshops, Original owner of Take Time Relaxation Center for 15 years, Massage Therapist for Patient Care at Danbury Hospital.

Let 20 years of experience bring stress relief to you and your family.


reflexology feet

Reflexolgy Sessions
with Janet Dailey Butler
from NYC

Coming in August!

Check back for date.

Certified Reflexologist Janet Dailey Butler will be returning to Sat Nam Yoga in August to do private reflexology sessions and a reflexology workshop.

Reflexology is a great way to relax and renew during the summer season and to ground yourself.

Sessions are one-hour long and include a hot foot bath, Wisdom of the Earth medicinal aromatherapy and energy work.

Reflexology can benefit anyone dealing with: stress related issues, insomnia, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, feelings of being disconnected and/or ungrounded, creative blocks, low energy and feeling overwhelmed.

Reflexology sessions with Janet are $150.
Payable by cash or check.

To book a session:
Contact Janet at:
Tel: 917-379-7865

For more information on Janet please visit: daileyreflexology.com

shivago image

Thai Yoga
at Sat Nam Yoga

Thai Yoga, Thai Massage, Thai Therapy, Nuad Phaen Boran, or Nuat Thai all mean the same thing and are now available at Sat Nam Yoga!

The famous Thai techniques incorporate stretching, palming, and pressure points over the entire body. The ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly therapeutic. Thai Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular techniques offered in America because of its lasting effects.

Thai Yoga relieves muscle pain and tension resulting in you feeling completely restored and rejuvenated. The Thai Yoga Session is performed on a thin floor mattress to provide maximum comfort and mobility. Each session will always perform work over the entire body to address your overall wellbeing to help the body function at its highest levels. This is an experience unlike any other so don't miss out!

Thai Yoga Sessions at Sat Nam Yoga are $150 (+tax) for 90 minutes and are available by appointment.

Email bethelyoga@gmail.com and be the next to enjoy a Thai Yoga Session at Sat Nam Yoga.

sat nam healing room

What you will need/how to prepare

• Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (yoga-type clothes)

• Report any medical conditions to your practitioner prior to your session

• Try to refrain from eating at least 1 hour prior to your session

• Double your water intake for 48 hours after your session to help the detoxification process

For more information on the history of Thai Healing Arts go to to http://thai-institute.com/watsthaimassage.htm

Packages now available: (+tax)
1 session: $150
2 sessions: $275
3 sessions: $400
4 sessions: $500

Gift Certificate are Available!
Give the Gift of Health & Healing!


Naam Yoga for Caregivers

Every Friday 11:00am–12:15pm
with Hannah Lipman

Are you in a caring profession? Are you a caregiver for a loved one? You may find you give so much to others it is hard to give to yourself. Perhaps you feel your energy is depleted.
This practice is for you!

Sat Nam Yoga instructor Hannah Lipman welcomes mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, massage therapists and all other caregivers to this once-a-week practice designed just for you.

Replenish yourself during this gentle Naam Yoga class which focuses on
breath, sound and movement. Surrender the burden of care as you nurture yourself. Revitalized, you will appreciate your strength and find your heart more open, while at the same time you discover you are centered in your true, pure nature. As you invest time and prana in yourself on your mat, you may find you can more effectively and efficiently offer your time and prana to those you care for and love.

meditation in montana

Meditation Gatherings
at Sat Nam Yoga

Wednesday evenings 8-8:45pm
($3 per class or 10 classes for $20)

Every first Wednesday of the month will feature a Healing Circle led by Linda Fiske.

Come and join us at Sat Nam Yoga for a 45 minute session held every Wednesday evening from 8:00- 8:45pm. and open to the public. Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

We meditate to improve our lives and to improve our communities and our world by becoming a more peaceful, less reactive and less judgmental person. 

Meditation is the practice of observing the thoughts, feelings, sensations and urges that pass through the stream of the mind and body like one might observe leaves and debris floating on the surface of a river being carried downstream by the current. If one were to jump in the river to try and collect each and every leaf and branch that floats by, one would become cold, wet and probably disoriented.  Mental focus and peace of mind is developed by simply observing:  knee hurts, what am I going to eat after meditation, why did my brother act like that, etc. 

Disciplined silence (Mauna) is practiced during these sessions, meaning that we do not engage in casual conversation. Speaking expends energy and we want to gain an experience of how practicing silence will build energy and bliss. So meaningful texts will be read aloud and we will chant mantras and directions for meditation will be given, but we ask that all casual conversation be avoided while we are here this evening. If you have the urge to speak casually, please engage in the practice of noticing the urge but not acting upon it. You will find it is quite an illuminating practice. 

Feel free to contact Rebecca at bethelyoga@gmail.com if you would like to bring a reading from an appropriate text of your choosing...or pass around the text to be read by others in attendance.  

Feel free to contact Rebecca if you would like to lead a chant or have a CD you would like us to chant along with.

We hope to see you there! 



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